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Why choose The Audio Monkey?

Game development is no quick process, you can spend months and even years developing your games so it's important to get your music right to make sure you don't fall at the final hurdle.

Not only do I write music, but I play your games to make sure the music fits the theme and feel of the game. If it doesn't work then we go back and see where we can make it better. It's not just a theme tune, it's music to invoke emotion, suspense, fear and excitement; it's music to create an experience in the game and leave a lasting effect on the player. Creating an immersive atmosphere within a game can truly change the way it feels, it's so important to get it right because it can often be make or break for a title.

As an added bonus, I'm also experienced in QA, so if I spot any bugs along the way, I'll most certainly tell you about them!

Sample Work

Here you can see some of the sample work that I have done in the past.

Every project has its own brief and its own style. As a versatile music composer, I have always been able to adapt to the varying styles of games presented to me. Every game is unique, therefore the style of music attached to that game must also be unique.

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About Your Music

All music created is written from scratch unique to your game and written to your brief. Once a piece of music has been made, I never sell this music out to other people for other productions. I do this because the music is attached to your brand - it wouldn't be right if you played Tekken and heard the music from Super Mario!

All I can say from here is let's talk about your project and see what I can do to help. I love working with new people and on new games so please get in touch and see how I can bring life to your games.

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Music for Games

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I love games, both making them and playing them.

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