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Professional Mastering for your Music

  • Mastering starting at just £24
  • 100% Secure & Confidential Service
  • 5 - 7 Working day turnaround (2 Days for FastTrack service)
  • 100% Copyright Free, we will never ask for a royalty.
  • Simple process, instantly upload your files online
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Why Online Mastering?

  • Professional service from highly trained & experienced engineers.
  • High end service & equipment without the cost.
  • Simple online process.
  • Access to a professional studio from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast delivery of high quality audio files immediately downloadable.
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How Our Online Mastering Service Works.

  • Remove all compression, EQ & limiting along with any other plugins from your master channel
  • Ensure you leave plenty of headroom for us to work with (at least 8db - 10db)
  • Export your stereo mix as a .WAV file.
  • Place your order and upload your files via our simple online system.
  • That's It! Just leave the rest to us, within a few days you will receive your final mixed and mastered file.
  • After receiving your files, you can make 2 sets of revisions if required.