Frequently Asked Questions

1How long will it take to mix & master my track?
Our standard mixing & mastering package takes up to 10 working days. If you have selected our fast-track service then it takes up to 2 working days.
2What if I need something changed?
Each mix comes with 3 revisions. Simply reply to your order ticket with a list of amendments and we will carry out your tweaks. This process usually takes a couple of days.
3Will my mix sound good?
As experienced and well equipped sound engineers, we strive to give a world class service on every mix. Please keep in mind that the quality of the recording and performance directly impacts how good your final product will sound; good songs will sound awesome, bad songs will sound ok.
4I want my track to sound like....
If there is a specific track that you really like the sound of, you can send it to us as a reference mix. You can either upload an MP3 or send a YouTube / Spotify link to us on your project ticket.
5I've placed my order, now what?
After placing your order, go to the "My Projects" tap on the main menu, find your project ticket and upload your files to us via our simple uploading system.
6I can't upload my files, help!
If you're struggling to upload files to us, don't panic! There are several reasons that this could happen, but the easiest option would be to head over to WeTransfer and send your files to Please don't email files directly to us as our system will reject them automatically.
7Is everything copyright free?
Absolutely. After receiving your final mixed & mastered files, everything is 100% yours. We will never ask for a royalty or claim ownership.
8Should I credit you?
Adding a credit for our work is not required, however is certainly appreciated. If you would like to credit us, please credit us as: "Mixed & Mastered by".
9Can I visit your studio?
Unfortunately our studio is not open to the public. Our service is online exclusive.