Custom Made Music

Custom Made Music

It's all good me telling you "sure, I can do that for you", but unless you can actually hear examples of my work, how can you ever be sure?

On this page I have some examples of work that I have composed, mixed and mastered. Everything is 100% original and these examples are not collaboration pieces, they're all my work.

There are a range of different styles for you to listen to, however this is by no means an extensive portfolio, just a few choice tracks that I'm proud of and happy to showcase!

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Each track on this list is something which I have composed from scratch with my own equipment, all of which I still have full access to.

Each piece has had many, many hours and tonnes of coffee put into it. Often I find that my best music comes when I'm not "trying" to create something, by this I mean when I'm not trying to force something great.

After creating a piece of music, I generally like to leave it for a couple of days and come back to it with fresh ears. There have been many occasions when coming back to music that things have changed drastically or even shelved because they weren't quite working.

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The Working Process

We start with a conversation about your project, chat about what you need and generally get to know if we're a good match for working together. It's important to make sure we're on the same wavelength when it comes to work as it's much less stressful for everyone if we make a good team! I also like to make sure that I'm actually a good fit for the project. I will never take on a project that's out of my field, however I'll always try to find someone who can if this is the case.

Provided everything is good to go, I get composing. I stick to very strict deadlines which are set dependant on the size of the project and always deliver early if I can. I'm always open to constructive criticism and I'm happy to take make amendments to any music which may not quite fit as intended.

Once complete, I deliver a polished master to you along with any usage licenses that you need. I keep everything simple and straight forward with as little jargon as possible, explaining everything that you're not familiar with along the way.

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