I Am The Audio Monkey

Professional Audio & Music Services


Finding the right balance in your mix is probably one of the most important aspects to any recording process, and although it can be a long, tedious and sometimes stressful process, for some reason I get a kick out of it. As a professionally trained sound engineer, I make sure you get the right mix of audio levels, compression, EQ and effects whilst ensuring it's not overdone.

Generally if you're struggling for time, don't know what you're doing or you REALLY don't want to do your mixing, I should be your first contact. I can usually deliver the final mixed and mastered tracks within a week or 2.


If your mix is already perfect, it was probably done by me... Time for mastering! I have loads of really expensive toys that help with this process, and having a well mastered track will ensure the following:

  • Your track will sound great, we have some of the best equipment & audio processing software money can buy.
  • The levels will be in line with the standards, so it will be ready to submit to radio and for distribution.
  • Everything will sound beautiful whether playing from a decent sound system, over the radio or a mobile phone.

Music Production

There's an art to music production and with the easy access of music production software there are more and more people giving it a try. Unfortunately this means it's very easy to find a bad producer. I am professionally trained, fully qualified and have heavy investments in the best tools to do my job.

I have worked with record labels and countless artists to create music of various types including tracks that have been featured on Channel 4, BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM.

Vocal Tuning

There's only so much you can do to help someone if they produce a bad vocal on a recording session. I am a self-proclaimed expert in Autotune, I know it inside-out, back-to-front, upside-down and any other way you can spin it!

If you've been hit with a bad vocal, I can go through and tune the track word by word if needed... however keep in mind that although we can work miracles, there's only so far you can push it!

TV & Film Scoring

We all know that having good music behind any TV show, documentary or film is vital to help to the success of the production. Could you imagine Star Wars without the signature music at the beginning created by the infamous John Williams?

I can sit with you and help you come up with a theme for your production and score it out start to end. Need a simple bubbly jingle for your game show? I've got you covered... need Epic Pirate Music? I've deffinately got you covered!!!

Choose The Audio Monkey

So why are you going to use me instead of any of the other 8 million and 8 producers around? Well simply put I'm not like the majority of other producers. I'm qualified, professionally trained and have real world experience.

Firstly I am trained as a sound engineer, that means I understand the process and the science of sound before I even start, so understanding exactly what tweaking the EQ will do other than just "make it sound better". You won't be sorry you used me :-)

Sample Work

Time Spent:

Fixing Broken Equipment 75%
Drinking Coffee 85%
Procrastinating 40%
Dreaming of the Pirate Life 50%
Actually Doing Work 30%