I Am The Audio Monkey

Professional Audio & Music Services

Sound Design

Games can take a VERY long time to develop, and the one area that can very easily make all that effort a waste of time is the sound. Having poor sound effects in your product is one of the quickest ways to put your player off. As an experienced sound designer, I can source and create sounds that not only fit, but fit extremely well and up the quality and experience of your game 10 fold.

I am also experienced in the Wwise middleware, so we can collaborate and I can add the sounds into the game for you and use the 3D interactive resources to create a truly excellent experience for your players.

Music for Games

Think of some of your favorite games... Super Mario, Pokemon, even new productions like the Halo series - what do they all have in common? Great, memorable themes and awesome gameplay music. By working with an experienced composer from the very beginning of your production you can be sure to have a strong theme that matches your game throughout.

I have worked on several, mainly independent, games throughout my time, all of them creating great catchy music that fits the mood of the game perfectly.

Music for TV / Film

Music has become such an integral part of the film and television industry now, there's an expectation for it to be there, and be good. Music really can make or break a film, think of your favorites - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean - you can hum the theme's right now!

I can't claim to be Zimmer or Williams, but I can certainly write catchy, memorable music that will sit nicely behind your picture to help control the mood and the theme of the production.

Mixing / Mastering

As a trained sound engineer I can take your multi-tracks and make your music sound beautiful. You have to have a good ear and strong industry knowledge to mix and master properly, listen to my portfolio and decide for yourself on whether or not it's worth having me on board.

Running a studio? Outsource your mixing and mastering work to me, sell that time and make more money from your studio. It certainly makes business sense to do so.

Vocal Tuning

Does your vocalist think they're Freddie Mercury but actually sound like a homeless man screaming at a pigeon? Don't worry, many do! There's often some post production work you can do, even as far as note-by-note tuning to make it sound passable, though there's only so far you can push it.

oh, and don't worry, I won't tell the vocalist!

Pick Me!

So why are you going to use me instead of any of the other 8 million and 8 sound guys around? Well simply put I'm not like the good chunk of the others. It also doesn't hurt that I am really a nice guy!

I am trained, experienced sound engineer, meaning I understand the process and the science of sound before I even start. That means understanding exactly what tweaking the EQ will do other than just "make it sound better".

You won't be sorry you used me :-)

Sample Work

Time Spent:

Fixing Broken Equipment 75%
Drinking Coffee 85%
Procrastinating 40%
Dreaming of the Pirate Life 50%
Actually Doing Work 30%